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Flower Festival 1999

Flower Festival

(26th-28th August 1999)



























1920 - 1928 "In The Beginning"

St David's is one of the several churches built to serve the new tenants of Knightswood, the site being formerly part of the adjoining golf course.


1929 - 1939 "The Early Years"

Depicting the church in its infancy, the changeover of the name from Knightswood West to St David's Knightswood and the receiving of the organ from St David's-in-the-West, Cromwell Street, Glasgow.

(This arrangement is dedicated to Miss Bessie Stivens whose love of flowers and of her Saviour inspired many flower festivals in St David's. Sadly, Bessie died 2 weeks before our 70th anniversary flower festival was staged - this decade was to be her arrangement)

1970 - 1979 "Youth and Outreach"

During this decade St David's Youth Fellowship Work blossomed, Youth Clubs, Uniformed Organisations, The Fellowship and Sunday Schools, were an inspiration to children and young people, and the seed of Christian service sown in many hearts.


1940 - 1949 "The War Years"

Being a garden suburb, the local people were able to 'Dig For Victory'. The area and congregation suffered loss of life, with the bombing of the houses and Bankhead School. Evacuees from the Channel Islands were billeted in the Church Halls.


1950 - 1959 "Stained Glass Windows"

These were dedicated on Sunday 26th May 1957 in memory of the Rev. L. Fordyce, MA the first minister from 1929 - 1938.


1980 - 1990 "Building Bridges"

During this decade close relationships with other local Christian Churches were forged through joint 3 monthly services.


1990 - 1999 "Church and Parliament"

Two institutions which greatly influence our lives. The new Scottish Parliament has begun its reign within the Assembly hall of the Church of Scotland.


1960 - 1969 "The Swinging Sixties"

Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, popularised Bible themes in musicals, spreading the Word to many for the first time. Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is one such musical.

1999 - "Into The Millennium"

Jesus Christ.
The same yesterday,
today and forever.
'To HIM be all Glory and Praise'


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