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See below for funeral information


As a Church of Scotland Parish minister I am available to conduct funerals for anyone living in the parish area. You do not have to be a church member or be connected with the church. The service will be a Christian act of worship including (normally) Hymns, Bible Readings and prayers.


There is no charge for the services of the minister.


An undertaker who is consulted about a funeral will liaise with me about a suitable date and time.


I will make an appointment to come and meet with family members to discuss the arrangements and to find out as much as possible about your loved one.  I like to take as much time as I can to discuss this with you so that the funeral service may do justice to the uniqueness of an individual life and all that that person meant to their friends and family and the various stages of their lives together.  I regard it as a privilege to be able to listen to the stories of family lives and share in the memories which have made a life special.


Most services are conducted at the local crematoria, but if you wish to have a service in St. David’s Church I will be happy to arrange this. That would usually be set for about an hour before a cremation or burial but could take place afterward.


Graham M. Thain.



For a service in the St. David’s Church building the following fees apply:


Use of the Church: Members: no charge

                                   Non-members: £150

Organist:                    £50

Church officer:           £30

Flowers:                     Members: no charge

                                   Non-members: By arrangement with the church flower committee,

                                   If preferred, (or with a professional florist).

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